Wyze Thermostat - No A/C

I purchased new thermostat the other day and went to install it. The instructions said if there are jumpers not to worry about them.

Upon turning everything back on, the first heat phase is not powering anything up, and the AC never comes on.

I’ve attached a picture of the original wiring setup and of how the wiring went after installation.

As a result of everything I was doing not working and that I wasn’t running the heat or air because it wasn’t really working correctly. I uninstalled the Wyze Thermostat and reinstalled the original - everything is working like normal again.

Any thoughts would be great! Thank you!

Welcome to the community @padi189750 , sorry to hear you are having issues.

I am not an HVAC Professional, but have one basic question: Do you have a Heat pump or Natural Gas?

If you have a Heat pump you need to use the indicators below the original Thermostats Wiring. Seeing you have an Orange Wire Connected, leads me to believe you may have a heat pump, but the color of the wire is not always what it should be.

Here is what the Wiring normally means: