Thermostat Heating Not responding

Hello Wyze Community,
I’ve encountered an issue trying to install my Wyze thermostats that I received yesterday. My heating system is not responding to the thermostats. I have an electric forced air system. When I test the system with the Wyze app heating test 1 neither my condenser or air handler will kick on. In heating test 2 I hear my air handler turn on however my condenser does not turn on. In the cooling test both my condenser and handler work fine. Would greatly appreciate any help on this. I have attached a picture of how my system was wired with my previous thermostat for your reference.

Thank you!

It would help if you could also post pictures of the connections to the Wyze thermostat, and possibly also the connections to the controller board on the air handler side.

Thank you for your reply. I believe I do not neet a c-wire adapter with my system at the air handler side (please correct me if I’m wrong), Wyze only lets us post 1 picture for new users. I’ll attach the other pictures for your reference.
Thanks once again!

Here is a picture of my air handler information.

Your wiring looks good, and no you wouldn’t need the C adapter. Are you sure you don’t have a heat pump? In case you do, try changing your wiring to this.

O/B - orange wire
AUX - white wire


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Like Ken.S says, it seems you have chosen the wrong column to name your wires. If you have a heat pump (which I believe you do because of the orange wire), the orange wire is O/B, not W :slight_smile: Y and G are the same for both heat pump and not-heat pump, but then the white wire in Aux-E becomes W1, not W2. So if you move the orange wire from W1 to O/B and the white wire from W2 to W1, you should be in business. You may have to remove the thermostat from the App, then reset it and re-add to the App as a heat pump. That should get you going though.

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Thank you for your suggestions. I rewired as you suggested and noticed that the heater did kick on. Hopefully this resolves the issues. Thanks once again,