Wyze Thermostat not starting AC Compressor

Hello everyone I’m having some trouble with my thermostat not cooling like it should, my original thermostat had wires going to W2, G, W, C, Y and R. It had 2 jumpers one from W2 to Y2 and one from R to RC. I followed the instructions in the app and did not include those 2 in my original wiring setup, this led to me connecting R - RC, C - C, Y -Y1, W - W1, W2 - W2 and G - G. Both stages of heat are working just fine but in a system test, after 10 minutes of attempted cooling the system is still blowing warm air. I am lost as to what I have missed, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Take and share pictures of the old thermostat, new thermostat and furnace wiring please.

There’s a good chance you have a heat pump and heat strips, and the heat you feel from the heat test is just the heat strips, not the compressor running the heat pump.



Don’t have the furnace picture handy and it’s too cold and rainy currently to get under the house.


Yep, that’s a heat pump.
You need to reset your wyze by holding down the button until it asks to reset and delete it from the app and re set it up using these labels:


Tell wyze you have Aux, G, O/B, C, Y, Rc during setup.
You might have to go to advanced settings and swap hot/cold after you get it set up, if they are reversed when you test them.

Thanks Speadie! YOU DA MAN! or WOMAN! Switched the setup details moved 2 wires, reran the test works great! So glad I don’t have to add another brand smart product!

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