Wyze thermostat no power 12/26/2020

I received my wyze thermostat today and followed the instructions as provided by wyze. Unfortunately once I got to putting on the thermostat it did not power up. I have reseeded the wires cutting them fresh etc to ensure a good fit. But the thermostat doesn’t seem to be receiving power.

This is my original thermostat . The app instructed me to

I’m not really sure where I should go from here. My original thermostat is an older model with batteries I suspect this new one isn’t receiving power as it is intended to.

I have an ac unit in the yard and this in my attic.

Wyze doesn’t really have good troubleshooting options at this step so I am stuck.

Thanks in advanced. I can provide more pics if they will help solve this issue.

Do you happen to have a multimeter? Something that can measure AC volts? If so, I’d be curious to know if you have 24 volts AC (approximately) between your R and C wires with your HVAC system turned on. The Wyze Thermostat is expecting to receive its power from these wires. Your R to Rc and C to C sounds correct.


I do not but I’m gonna pick up one in the morning I really should have one at this point.

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Good move to get one. :slight_smile: It will take some of the guesswork out of this too. In my case I wanted to make sure everything voltage-wise was in the right place before I hooked up the thermostat. Better safe than sorry. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Did you Input the wiring into Wyze for heat pump or conventional? That is the only thing I have seen folks get confused. They input the wiring wrong and Wyze programs it wrong.

I followed the app step by step and was never asked about a heat pump.

Do you have a heat pump or conventional heating method?

The fact that you were using batteries is concerning. I hope your C wire is going somewhere.

We just bought the house. But yeah I am thinking the c isn’t actually plugged into anything I need to investigate more in the morning

did you get this fixed yet? I’m having similar issues but once I install the thermostat it clicks repeatedly and forces both my heat and cooling on but the WYZE logo on the screen of the thermostat.

This was exactly the issue they did not connect up the blue c wire in the attic. After doing so all worked fine. Also as a note since I have a heat pump my w wire actually was an o/d wire and had to be moved accordingly.

Now just need to get it to actually update. The update seems to continue to hang but that’s another issue.

Thanks for all the help everyone

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So gang. I had an issue where mine was working on heat but blowing fuses when AC turned on. I hired an HVAC tech, then another.
It was all hooked up correctly. I asked, “do you think I have a bad unit”? He said it was possible. I had a second unit in the box and pulled out the adapter. We noticed that the wires were labeled wrong from the factory.
The grey C wire was marked as W.
We hooked the new correctly labeled one and all the tests works. About 15 minutes later after a software update, now it’s stuck on 32 degrees. I’m not sure if any of this helps but it sucks that I had to hire two HVAC techs before we figured out that A: we had an adapter that was labeled wrong from the factory and now B: bad unit. :frowning: