Wyze thermostat has no power after installation (heat pump)

I just got a new Trane XR split system 3 ton unit installed a few weeks ago and wanted to upgrade from my old thermostat. Bought a Wyze and I followed the instructions on the app to install my thermostat once it arrived,

I already had a C wire and I have a heat pump so I used the O/B label. It won’t power on and I am stumped. I have made sure the wires were secure and turned my breaker on and off a few times. Tried holding down the button for 10-15 seconds as well.

Not going to open up the board in my Air handling unit. Posting my pics so it may help someone else.

Everything looks good, you’re probably gonna have to check the control board for blown fuse and wiring. Did the original thermostat have batteries? If so, the C wire could be disconnected at the control board.

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Thanks Ken, I thought so too but you never know. I sent the same images to my AC guy and he suggested a blown fuse or swapping the Red line to Rh. I had a blown fuse, which I replaced and swapped the red line to the Rh.

It didn’t fire up so I swapped the old t-stat back on and it is working. I think I will just have someone a little more knowledgeable give it a whirl later this week.

the R wire on the Wyze tstat has to go on Rc. Did u try to power after replacing the fuse but b4 moving the R wire?

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So my breaker box cut off was mislabeled, and I had power on the red wire during install, popping the fuse. I replaced the fuse and used the same wiring and it works now. Thanks Ken!