Wyze thermostat no power

Thermostat wont power on. Connected all wires to corresponding letters. The old stat was the same as the wyze app gave me for letter to letter. Have C wire. Checked behind handler panel all wires connected. Pic attached of old stat only thing i can think of is there is a little copper bridge betwwen Rc and R. Please help.

On the new Wyze, do you have the red wire connected to RH or RC. On mine since I don’t have AC, just heat, I hooked my RH to RH thinking that was correct, but the thermostat wouldn’t power up until I hooked up the RC wire. Apparently the Wyze uses RC and C to power the thermostat, even though RC is usually used for cooling and you only have heat.

I wired mine just like you and spent two hours troubleshooting to find that they wanted the Red wire to go on Rc. I think they need to make the instructions clearer.

I have both A/C and heat. Tried b ok th RH and RC no power. After stepping away for awhile i went back since my old stat worked and took the batteries out of it. Put it back on the wall and did not power on. So i think im not getting power from the wires to the stat. Why would the old stat work to send commands to unit with batteries power only though? Going to trouble shoot saftey swicthes both float and pan at handler thinking one might be tripped cutting power to stat. Any help appreciated.

Some programable thermostats like my old one don’t need power from the furnace and will work just fine on batteries alone for a year. They simply use an onboard relay or transistor switching to close the circuit when it needs to call for heat.