WYZE thermostat does not power on, with new 5-wire, all connected properly

I’m about to give up. Maybe my thermostat is faulty.

Initial attempt was with 4 wires and C-wire Adapter. Everything appeared to be wired correctly, per comments on my other post. One suggestion was to pull new 5-wire and remove the C-wire Adapter. Which I just completed.

Turned power on. But the WYZE thermostat STILL does not power on.

WYZE thermostat wiring:

Furnace control panel wiring:

WYZE thermostat after power is turned on:

I have an old Bryant Plus 90i, 398BAZ036080. I can’t load a video (too large), but when it’s powered on I see a steady green light, then an amber light with it for 2 seconds, then they both turn off.

Anyone have any idea why this doesn’t work? My thoughts are either the WYZE thermostat isn’t getting any power, or it’s faulty.

Take the wire out of Rh and put it in Rc

OK, I will try that tomorrow. I just wired the old thermostat back up, because my wife said it was getting cold in here. And now the Packers game is about to start…

The wyze will only power itself from the Rc wire, not the Rh wire. Easy mistake to make.

Thanks, speadie. Stupid error, if I could only read. Uninstalled the old thermostat, reinstalled the new WYZE. It powered on, surprise! Upgraded software, tested heating and cooling, set home and sleep schedule. Added it to Google Home and now able to control by speaking to Google Assistant. All is well, I’m happy. Thanks again.

Agree its RC

Question then my wire is in the RC but I am not getting the thermostat to power on. Any other ideas

Share pictures of your setup. Old thermostat wiring, new wyze wiring, and furnace wiring.


I was told I had a jump but I don’t see the wire just a metal piece.



What model of fan controller is that?

Not sure where to find that but under the cover has W8150 A 1001

It’s a Carrier system

Do you have a picture of your actual air handler? That is just a damper control. the wires there do not go to your thermostat (except for the G wire), they go back to the air handler, and meet up with your thermostat wires in the air handler.

Does this help?

Yes. where does the blue C wire that is at your thermostat go? The one on the furnace goes to the fan controller, and there doesn’t appear to be another one attached anywhere else. It needs to go back to the furnace board and be hooked up to C.

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Is that the blue wire in the pic going to COM 24V

Thank You,
Michael W. Mena

yes. You’ll have 3 wires on Com 24V when it’s properly hooked up, 2 blue (one from thermostat, one from fan control) and 1 red (from your outdoor A/C compressor).

Ok I had to leave I will check tomorrow thanks you for all your help so far.

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Ok so the COM 24 V only has one blue and one red. No other blue wire connected. Now I do see a blue wire that is not connected to anything. I’ll send a picture