Wyze Thermostat will not power on

Hello everyone,

New Wyze customer here! Among other products I have purchased from Wyze, I purchased the Thermostat. Unfortunately after following all of the directions, the thermostat is not powering on.

This is a before picture when I removed the thermostat that was already installed:

(new user, i will include more photos in following posts)

There is a red jumper between RC and RH, and another jumper between W and Y.

Per the Wyze App instructions, I removed both jumpers. I labeled everything correctly, and plugged in the corresponding wires.

Unfortunately I am not getting the unit to power on. I would really appreciate any help, thank you!

I am in an apartment building.
I have central air and heating.
Both worked prior with the pre-installed thermostat.


Here is another angle of the pre-wired thermostat:

Here is the labels I attached to the wires, per the app instructions:

Here is the final connections to the Wyze Base:

You need a C wire.
Your B wire is not a C wire, it is an O/B wire.

If you don’t have another wire in the wall, you would need to use the C-Adapter in the air handler, running the O/B wire through the W terminal of the adapter.

Something like this.

How many wires inside hole? Any spare for C?
Post pic at A/C heat control board.