Wyze thermostat wont turn on

I installed a wyze thermostat as suggested by the app but after I turned on the Furness power, it doesn’t turn on, I don’t see any wyze logo. I don’t what’s wrong I am doing. My existing thermostat has only 3 wires connected to it (Red, Green, and White) out of a total of 6 wires. I connect those 3 wires to wyze but it don’t turn on, I tried connecting the rest of the wires to wyze but no luck. If anybody faces a similar issue and resolved it, please reply as I am not getting any help from Wyze support. I created a support ticket almost 2 weeks back but no reply to date, even no reply to an order return ticket.

I recently installed mine and ran into the following issues:

  1. The circuit board on the furnace was nowhere near the depiction from Wyze.
  2. I had only Red, Green, White, and Yellow.

After wiring what I thought was correct, I had no power as well. The instructions said I needed the C-Adapter. However, after playing around and watching YouTube videos, I noticed that there was a blue c-wire (common wire) wrapped around each end of the cable from the furnace to the thermostat.

All I did was attach that to both ends (furnace and thermostat) and I was able to get power. Looking back, it was actually very simple once I understood what was going on.

I would recommend these videos…

Thermostat Wiring Explained! - YouTube

Wyze Thermostat Incomplete Review - Unboxing, Features & Setup Failure - YouTube

Show a picture of your thermostat and your furnace control board.

I’m a new user and am not allowed to post/attach pics. I’d be more than happy to provide them to you another way. Mine was a Honeywell rth111b1024.

do you have any more wires in the wall behind that thermostat?
Follow the brown “C” wires. one should go to the Transformer, one should go to a plug, and one should go to a wire-nut. the rest of your thermostat wires should be near this wire-nut. Take a picture of this area please.

Just the one bundle of wires. In the pics I gave, it doesn’t show the blue wire that the electrician left wrapped around the main cable bundle going to the thermostat. I tried using the c-adapter, before noticing the blue (c or common) cable, and the adapter didn’t help. Once I noticed the blue common cable wrapped around unused on both ends, I hooked them up accordingly.

How many total individual cables are in your main cable bundle going from the furnace to the thermostat? (i.e. Red, Green, White, etc…)

I ran my own 5 wire bundle about 6 years ago, when I got tired of replacing batteries in my dumb thermostat. :slight_smile:
If you have a blue wire on both ends of your thermostat run, connecting it to one of the brown C wires in your air handler and connecting it to C on your wyze should power it up.

Doh… speadie… sounds like we both have ours working and were both responding to the OP.

@ [rakesh.motghare] - did the information speadie and myself help you?

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and the information about the wire color codes. I have both brown and C wire. I tried connecting the C wire to the Wyze thermostat along with R, W, and G but still there no power in the Wyze thermostat. I don’t have a cooling system so I didn’t connect the Y wire. I have not tried connecting the brown wire to C. I have not checked the furnace if blue is the correct C wire or its a brown. I will check that and try it tomorrow morning. I will update the outcome here. Thanks again.

So, are you saying. If I have the Blue wire on both ends. Connect them to the (C) on the Panel and the Thermostat? At that point I don’t need the (C) connector that came with the Wyze Thermostat?

That was the case for me.

I had a blue wire that was wrapped up and unused on both ends of my cable between my thermostat and furnace. All I did was connect that to the c connector on both and and it powered up.

No need for the c adapter, at least for my case.

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Thank you ewilliams79 and speadie for posting your problem and solution to it. In my case when I checked furnace, yellow, brown and blue wires were not connected to furnace. I connect the blue wire to common in furnace and thermostat powered on. Its working fine for now.

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My Wyze Thermostat is up and running. No help from support. Had to do all the research myself. I connected the blue wire to the C- Common on the furniture board. Connected the blue wire on the Wyze Thermostat. Also, had to disconnect the green on the thermostat. No need for it. Both Heat and AC are working fine now. Also, no need to use the C connector that the Wyze Thermostat came with.