Heat Pump only works on Aux/Emergency, skips Primary Heat

I installed three Wyze thermostats in warm weather (Dallas, TX) and the A/C worked great. I have a Heat Pump. Now that is has gotten cooler, I noticed the heat works, but my outside HVAC Unit fan never turns on. I believe it skips the Primary Stage 1 Heat and automatically goes to Emergency Heat. I found this out when I got my heating bill and it was $300.00 higher than much colder months pre-Wyze thermostat (last year). How do I confirm my wiring is correct?

As I stated, the heat does work, but only in Emergency ($$$) mode.

Here is a picture of my wiring:

Welcome to the community @BennyDaBull sorry to hear you are having issues.

By no means am I an HVAC professional, just a DIYer…

Do you have a picture of the original Thermostat wiring, if so can you post it please?

Asking because normally a Heat pump uses the O/B connections to that the outddor compressor spins in the correct direction.

Unfortunately, I think I deleted the pictures after the system test worked and the A/C worked great. That was a couple months ago. I’ll look bsck in my history.

The labels were exactly what I placed on the wires from the old thermostat

Rc = Red
Y1 = Yellow
G = Green
C = Brown
W2 = White
W1 = Blue

Can you take a picture of your original thermostat where the wires connect. This will at least allow for a comparison with the markings you labeled. Against the back plate to see what the Heat Pump Labels are.

Change the blue wire labeled W1 to O/B and the white wire labeled W2 to W1. You’ll need to reset the wyze thermostat and tell it those are the wires the old thermostat used. Your old thermostat had dual labeled pins, and you wired it up using the conventional labels instead of the heat pump labels.

I went ahead and deleted the old device and added it back after making the appropriate wiring configuration changes you recommended and it works perfect. Thank you!!!

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