Wyze thermostat not compatible with Trane heat pump

Just wanted to put this out there because I learned the hard way after messing with the wiring and blowing a fuse spending a night under a heating blanket. It was really my fault for messing with it on a cold night at 8 pm. Wife wasn’t happy. Trane uses the B wire to send a signal to turn on stage 1 heating. It can not be used as C wire unless you want to run on Auxiliary heat alone. The only way to make it work correctly is by switching out the O and B when you want either Heat or A/C which is what I’ve chosen to do for now. Maybe the Wyze team can update to where C wire can also send a signal to heat pump in a Trane system? Idk but after two weeks of running off of auxiliary heat and reading hundreds of forums I wanted to post this to help anyone out having the same problem. 3 amp fuse replaced and wires switched for heat and house is warning up for wife and baby. Good luck

Aaaaand blew another fuse. So yeah don’t do that. Basically this thermostat will only work with my Trane in auxiliary heat. Nothing stops a Trane…except using any other thermostat other than a Trane.

This can’t be true. I have a trane system and it works fine here, but my wiring was different than yours.

I have a blue wire but it wasn’t hooked up. white is in w1 and I get stage 1 heat and stage 2 aux.

My setup is:
R = RC
Y = Y1
O = O/B
G = G
W = W1
K = C

Could be my unit then? Might have to have it serviced although it seems to work fine with the old trane thermostat that I have which doesn’t use batteries. It seems to be able to receive power and still have the “C” wire hooked up to the B terminal. I’ve had mine hooked up the same way for two weeks until I messed with it last night and blew the fuse. Stage 1 blows out room temp air for 30 mins until stage 2 finally kicks and blows hot air until it hits the mark. From what I’ve read with Trane their B wire is a W/B wire and the heat can not be engaged with the O wire. A/C works fine, Aux heat works fine, emergency heat even works just nothing from stage 1 and it’s running a lot. I could be wrong about all this or it could be my model of unit. It is an older XL 1400. Not sure but really getting frustrated with it.

I should also mention that in order to make mine run I had to tell the app I had no G wire because it tells me it’s missing which also leads me to believe the previous owner had issues with my unit and maybe had someone create a work around to avoid paying $ to fix it correctly.

Maybe? My unit was just installed this summer so it’s possible it’s a lot different. I’m averaging 5 hours a day in 40/30 degree weather here which seems like less that it was running with my older sensi thermostat.

Maybe post pics of the wiring at the control board and thermostat and someone with more experience might be able to sort it?

This is from the install manual for your heat pump,

Would this be the same diagram as my Trane XR13?

Here is a pic of my wiring on the Wyze:

It depends on how your air handler is wired and what the other ends of those wires actually tie to.

From your labels, it looks like you might have tied a W wire to Y2 for some reason? Or is that the orange wire? I’d need to know the full model number, XR13 is a designation that applies to several different configurations. Here’s the full schematic of a 2TWR3060A XR13 trane heat pump, for instance:

@speadie, here is the heat pumps model #:

Not sure if the wiring diagram will help me. I’m a handy guy, but not an HVAC tech,…

I’ll include a pic of the air handler’s control board wiring:

And a pic of the old Honeywell (I think) t-stat wiring:

Thanks for your help!

If you look at your old thermostat, the labels on the bottom where it says “heat pump”. What is the black wire labeled as ? I’m thinking it should be E or Aux. The labels on top under the wires are for if you don’t have a heat pump. Your XR13 should be a single compressor heat pump, and therefore does not have a Y2 wire.

OK, the black “Y2” wire on the old t-stat went to “X2” on the heat pump label. Where should I place it on the Wyze?

I ran another test last night, and I think it is working, but I can’t figure out how to either disable the secondary heat (propane) or significantly reduce its coming on.

I agree, my heat pump is only a single compressor. WHen I did the test again last night, it had 3 levels of heat, not 2. does that help you figure out what is going on?

X2 is for emergency heat usually. it can go in the * terminal on the wyze, but you would need to set up the wyze again to tell it what the wires are for.
I’m not sure how the wyze deals with staged heat on a heat pump. Normally, I’d tell someone to connect their supplemental heat to W2 if they wanted it to come on less frequently, but the wyze is going to tell you to put it into W1- It doesn’t currently have the functionality to allow you to tell it what differential there should be to turn that stage on. Hopefully they add more functionality to it in the future…

What would be your suggestion? Put it on * or on W2?

The black wire is emergency, put it on * if you only want it to be able to run in emergency, or put it on W2 if you want it to run automatically.

Thanks for the help. If I put the black wire W2/X2 on W2 if acts like I have 3 stages of heating and the 3rd stage doesn’t do anything. If I put it on * I can designate it as Emergency Heat. Either way I still only get room temperature air from stage one then stage two kicks on and puts out really hot air with increased force which I’m assuming is my Auxillary heat. Maybe it’s my unit or maybe it’s the thermostat and it needs an update to work better with a multi stage heat pump. I’ll be getting my electric bill soon so we’ll see if it was worth it to stick it out through January. Hoping it all works out because I really do like the thermostat

You really should share pictures of your unit, Tranes do not use B as their switchover valve.

Here’s a pic of my Trane thermostat wiring. I’ll try and get a pic of the unit when I get a chance

Do you know your model number? XL 1400 is a group number, it applies to a lot of different units.

OK, I moved the black wire over to * and reset the Wyze. Here is the current wiring on the Wyze. Look OK?

Also, when setting up the t-stat, it asked what the heat source for W1 was. That is the heat pump, right? SO I selected ‘electric’. Then it asked what the * was for…I said emergency heat. RIght?