Wyze Thermostat C Wire with American Standard Board

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I have an American Standard c800796p01 board in my Trane XR 14 system ( replaced in 2016 ) . It does not have your typical terminals, everything is spliced in down the line. I am struggling to sort out where my C wire would get spliced in at. Any thoughts would be much apprecaited. Here is an image of the board.

The dip switches (Im sure they dont matter in this case) are setup as follows


To add to this fun situation, my current Thermostat is labeled pretty funky. Here is the pin out

Red - RC jumped to R
Blue - O/B | W1
White - W2 | Aux | E
Green - G
Yellow - Y1


Any thoughts on how to get this set up properly?

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Is your system a conventional forced air heat and ac or a heat pump?

If it’s conventional read the top letter descriptions above the terminal. The lower letters are for heat pump.

Regarding your furnace how is it connected now?

If you have no C I think you should use the C wire Adapter(CWA) Wyze provides.

Please see picture for how it should be wired with your configuration

The CWA utilizes the G circuit for C common. image


The XR14 is a heat pump system.

Here is how I have connected my CWA


As its my understanding that the B is also a C

Using this layout with the guided wiring per the app, I do not get power to my thermostat. It never powers on

@Maluman, I don’t think that diagram applies in his case as this is for connecting to two transformers. I also got the diagram from Wyze. I don’t understand it because nothing is hooked up to C at the thermostat. Does it make sense to you?

@Brian, are you familiar with this setup?

The dip switches change fan delays and other heating and cooling options. (do not change)

The B on your board is Common.

I had the same issue on a Trane hvac. Followed this hint (use B for C) and it is working fine. Thank you

Much appreciate y’all. I went ahead and ran new wiring so I didnt have to use the cwire adapter. Now I have the common coming off the “B” on the board. Everything is working as expected.

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