Terrible payment system

I could not use paypal on the app. I’m assuming it’s because the camera is in a 14 day trial. I logged into my account online and payed for an annual subscription that way. The app says to tap to apply this subscription. I only have 1 camera. This camera is in the 14 day trial. when I tap to apply the subscription I have nothing to select to apply it to. How do I get this one camera out of trial so I can apply this subscription? Not trying to be mean, But this wyze payment / subscription system is ridiculous. you should be able to click on subscribe now and be done with it. The only “simple” thing about this system is opening the box. Or losing $50 buying a camera and a subscription if I can’t get this to work.

Never buy from the app,go directly to wyze.com and the PayPal works there as well as Amazon pay and most of the time the items are cheaper

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You have to wait until a camera’s trial period ends before you can add Cam Plus to it.

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You can always remove your camera from Cam Plus Trial.

To do this go the Wyze App, click on Account (bottom Right), thentap on the Cam Plus square agt the top left. Click on the Drop down Arrown to the right of the Camera Enrolled in Cam Plus Trial, a window or popup will appear from the bottom. You should see the Camera with a Check mark next to it and UnAssisgned (Light Grey Color). Tap on UnAssign and the Check mark will move. Then Tap on the screen above the popup which will cause the popup to disappear and your Camera should not be assigned.

Once this is done, you will be able to assign it to the Purchased Cam Plus. Simply let the Trial Expire then.

If that works now, then Wyze must have changed something. Because a few months ago nothing would happen when I tapped on the Unassigned camera. I couldn’t do anything except back out of that popup, and I ended up just waoting for trial period to end.

I do it all the time. I am on the unlimited Cam Plus subscription and unassign / Assign Camera’s all the time.

The Trick is to tap outside of the box, I tap on he greyed out background. This is the onlyway to apply the changes and close the window.

I’m not talking about switching the Cam Plus license to different cameras. I can do that now. What I’m talking about (and what ctw is talking about) is applying a Cam Plus license to a camera that’s still in the initial free trial period.

See this thread: New Cam Plus subscription. Cannot add device while trial still going?