Wyze Cam v3Cam Plus Subscription

I bought cam plus annual subscription from Wyze labs for $14,99 on 5/25/21. I also bought Wyze Cam v3 the same day, but set it up only in June. The free trial of Cam plus end in two days. I don’t know a way to apply the subscription I bought before the trial period expires. Any idea how to do it. I tried support but to no avail.

Did you get an email from WYZE with a code to redeem your cam plus? On your app go to account on the bottom right tap it, go to services on the page that opens, tap it. Tap cam plus and see if it is listed as available, if it is activate it. If it is not there call support 206-339-9646 or 1-844-999-3226. If you are still on the trial delete it and add the paid.

I recommend removing the trial before it expires. Because if you remove the trial, the camera will be available for the other subscription immediately.
Whereas if you let the trial expire while it is attached to the camera, it’ll take the system hours or a day to “release the camera” so that you can apply the next subscription.

Thank u. I will try and see