Move cam plus trial cameras into a paid subscription BEFORE the trial ends!

Already-paying wyze cam plus subscribers are unable to move a wyze cam that’s in trial mode over into a paid wyze cam plus paid plan…we have to wait for the trial to end first and then remember to come back into the app and move the camera into the paid plan that we already had. In my case I forgot to move my cameras into the paid plan 14 days later, and I missed AI events that I needed to catch… This is terrible UI and poor functionality for paying customers. The wyze devs need to allow cameras in trial mode to be moved into a paid plan immediately when the end-user tries to do it. What a terrible UI and poor functionality. This is basic app development and this should have been addressed by now. I spoke with support on the phone and theyre all aware of this. Formatting/factory-rwsetting a camera in trial mode doesnt help…you have to KNOW IN ADVANCE to simply “cancel” and back out of the free-trial prompts in order to avoid being forced into a free-trial…and once you are in a free-trial you cannot move your camera into a paid plan prematurely…which increases the likelihood of forgetting to go back later and move your cameras into your paid cam plus account. I get that Wyze wants to do whatever they can to force everyone to see “how great” cam plus is and to try it out…but why do paying customers like me and others who have complained about this, have to suffer? Please fix Wyze Devs. At the very least, auto-move my trial cameras into my paid plan if my paid plan has free slots open…Feel free to hire me and Im sure I can knock this out in a week or less. Come on…

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You can.

Select free trial
Choose unassign
Under your paid slot select an available slot

Are you on iOS?? Im on android. You couldn’t do this just two weeks ago when I was annoyingly and completely locked into keeping my free trial for the full 14 days until it ran out, and tech support confirmed there was no work-around… I tried to do exactly what you demonstrated in your video, which I appreciate you posting. Do you know when this changed? Perhaps my prior complaints to tech support got somewhere… I will try to activate another camera and purposely put it into the free trial to see if its working or not. It If they finally fixed this, then thats great and I’ll close this request/post. If it works on iOS and not android then I’ll be even more annoyed that android development lacks such a basic feature. :wink: I will post back soon.

You cannot. (On android or current production version of the app)

Okay so you are on iOS (or using a beta release version of the app)…

Please be careful to say that things can or cannot be done when you did not test both versions of the app (iOS and Android or beta version vs current release).

I appreciate your input though, and I thank you your video demo, as this will hopefully stop the confusion between the many people who say it can be done on their device, and those who say that they cannot do it on their device, while leaving out crucial details such as the OS version of the device theyre using.

You cant see my finger presses in my screen recording, but rest-assured that I tried to hit the Free Trial camera a hundred times and short press, long press, single-tap, double-tap, tripple-tap etc.

Now this camera too gets to be enjoyed as a forced free trial and I have to remind myself to come back in later and move the camera into my subscription. What a joke Wyze…

Please vote for my request to get this fixed ASAP.

Attaching my shared video link. I cant upload here yet as I have a brand new Wyze forum account:

I’m on Android. Sent you a private message.

All we do is we set a reminder in our calendar to update he cams to plus it’s simple and fast

You dont think Ive done that? (I have). However I hope you know that’s not an acceptable solution in-general for the customer to have to do that or minimize the problem.

Once again, Im a mobile developer myself…and Ive been doing this stuff for a decade now. Trying to minimize how small of an issue this might be, does not help make Wyze look any better for missing this as its been going on for a little while based on Reddit posts Ive seen.

This is the year 2021 and software is supposed to be highly-automated, easy for the paying customer, and follow best-practices along with security. Making someone set their calendar for 14 days and then come back into an app just to modify a free-trial subscription that shouldnt have been forced upon a paying customer to begin with, is at the very least, an inconvenience that should not be set upon the customer (especially when its such an easy fix), and this issue is also a slippery-slope…What if I dont get my calendar reminder like Im supposed to for whateve reason? Or what if Im busy and miss the reminder…now its my fault that I forget to come back into the app and fix my subscription in the first place? In my case, I DID set a reminder, and I was insanely busy and I forgot my reminder hours after I had seen it…then I had a break-in a few days later and fortunately my camera caught it on the local SD card, but my AI events didnt alert me or anything because they were OFF because the free trial had ended! So now its blame the victim because they forgot to add the camera back into a subscription, right? No, its blame the dev because the settings that should have been there from feature release, did not exist, and I couldnt take action while I was mindfully in the app and trying to make the changes.

Ive seen this before in the Wyze forums, and Im not accusing you of doing this right now…but Im writing it before anyone else comes along and tries to defend Wyze and takes it personally for no good reason. Please dont defend Wyze’s lack of oversight while trying to enforce a feature policy (the free trial) that Im sure their marketing or sales-team probably wanted driven. It might sound like a simple work-around to use the calendar reminders, and thats obviously the only solution at the moment, but its also not a proper solution. Peoples mobile phones might not push reminders properly, someone may be traveling out of country or locale by then, it could be a business customer that needs the new security camera project 100% completed, someone could miss the reminder or forget it as I did, etc, etc. Ive also read all of the people blindly defending this forced Free Trial issue and saying “its free! Dont complain! Just enjoy it”…but again this is a pretty annoying inconvenience when Im already a paying customer and didnt mean to put my camera into free trial mode to begin with, and by the time I setup my camera in the Wyze app, i really dont want to have to come back in exactly 14 days just to finish the setup.

Im very happy and grateful to see that the beta version of the Wyze app now includes this feature though (remove cameras from the free trial before 14 days is up), and Im looking forward to it.

In the future though, I really hope that when Wyze releases new features, that they sit down and fully think about all of the related features and impacts that their changes might cause…and have solutions for everything by the time the new feature is released. Not sure if Wyze uses Atlassian software with Kanban boards/Sprints, and Jira to track tickets and changes, or some other tracking software…but I recommend that Wyze follows a feature-tracker in conjunction with impacted issues that the Devs can think about before new features are actually pushed.

This will be my last post here on this topic.

Happy Holidays everyone, stay safe, and take care.

When adding a new device to your account and you have an unlimited cam-plus setup, your app should detect this and add to your existing available license and not setup another subscription using a month-month cam plus.

This causes an unneeded support request for a refund with your CS group saying it is a one-time courtesy. If your app is not applying the license properly to an existing ACTIVE license with more than enough available devices slots available. It brings into question how many users have mulitple charges happening when they added a new device and the way the app presents it, makes you think you are adding to an existing license.

Yesterday and today i add 2 OG,2 V3 Pro and in i have 256GB cards in all cams before i program them,then I setup of each camera at the end it asked me do i want cam + ulimited and i did it on all the new cams at the new setup worked great no issues, then i did a global firmware updates ay the end