Provide a method to disable 'free' Cam Plus trial to help minimize WAN data

I would like to install new Wyze Cams without the CamPlus free trial period so that I can minimize any extraneous WAN data even with an SD card installed to record events in the camera. Maybe you could order it without the CamPlus trial or if not, give users a way to disable this feature.

Hell it’s a free-be enjoy it while you can

Sounds like a good idea, make sure to vote fr it yourself in the upper left.

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Cancelled unlimited 99 licenses plan after two weeks due to almost 4 times more internet data usage with only about 10 cams on camplus. And I have comcast internet with 1.2T monthly cap.

Currently just have 2 licenses, one from HMS which I will cancel later and one free trial one expiring in 5 days, and all other 40 cams have 12 seconds / 5 minutes cool down detections. Internet data usage is now fine.

There should be rules to enable cams to switch between regular and camplus detections.

Put an SD Card in the Camera’s. Then at least you can get continuous or event recordings with no Time limit or cool down. Note: Only valid for the V1, v2, and v3 plugin camera’s. Not the Wyze Cam Outdoor or Video Door Bell.

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Thanks! All my cams have micro sd cards. Few critical ones have 128GB Samsung endurance cards with continous recording. Use those 12s clips as markers.

Will subscribe to unlimited plan again if there is more control.

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Already-paying wyze cam plus subscribers are unable to move a wyze cam that’s in trial mode over into a paid wyze cam plus paid plan…we have to wait for the trial to end first and then remember to come back into the app and move the camera into the paid plan that we already had. In my case I forgot to move my cameras into the paid plan 14 days later, and I missed AI events that I needed to catch… This is terrible UI and poor functionality for paying customers. The wyze devs need to allow cameras in trial mode to be moved into a paid plan immediately when the end-user tries to do it. What a terrible UI and poor functionality. This is basic app development and this should have been addressed by now. I spoke with support on the phone and theyre all aware of this. Formatting/factory-rwsetting a camera in trial mode doesnt help…you have to KNOW IN ADVANCE to simply “cancel” and back out of the free-trial prompts in order to avoid being forced into a free-trial…and once you are in a free-trial you cannot move your camera into a paid plan prematurely…which increases the likelihood of forgetting to go back later and move your cameras into your paid cam plus account. I get that Wyze wants to do whatever they can to force everyone to see “how great” cam plus is and to try it out…but why do paying customers like me and others who have complained about this, have to suffer? Please fix Wyze Devs. At the very least, auto-move my trial cameras into my paid plan if my paid plan has free slots open…Feel free to hire me and Im sure I can knock this out in a week or less. Come on…

Add option to opt out of free trials

Please add an option to opt out of free trials when setting up a new camera. Currently there is no way to opt out. You just have to wait the 14 days and then choose not to continue. All services should be optional and you should ask if someone wants to opt in.

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Just got a new V2 with the trial version of CamPlus. I selected the camera under the trial subscription and unsubscribed by selecting Unassigned. Is this something new or has it just been missed?

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Something new