Teenage gym employee uses MMA skills to take down suspected thief in Indiana

Link to ABC7 news story: Teen 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Indianapolis employee Gavin Archer uses MMA skills to take down suspected thief: surveillance video - ABC7 Los Angeles


Interesting video!

From just watching the video itself, it looked to me from my initial impression like the guy was just casually and slowly walking past this gym/dojo when the kid randomly opened the door and instigated a fight by saying something to the guy to stop him from walking by. Whatever he said seems to have upset the guy so much that he turned around and came up to the kid and assaulted him. At that point the kid defended himself: Got a take down, punched the guy, then toward the end he gets a rear-naked-choke hold on him.

For those confused and seeking context like I was:

I looked up the news story for some added context and it says the kid suspected the guy was trying to break into his car. The thief told the kid that he worked at a nearby car shop and thought that his car was “a car he was supposed to work on.”

So, my interpretation now is that the kid must’ve seen the guy walk by his car and pull the handle to check if it was unlocked (like lots of car burglars do constantly), and then continued on his way. When the kid told him he saw what he did, the guy stopped, and attacked him over it. Now the video makes more sense with that context, because I was confused. It didn’t look like the guy stole anything, and he wasn’t running like he just stole something, he was just casually walking by until the kid yelled at him, so this wasn’t making sense to me.

Also, post-context: The kid did pull off the rear naked choke like I thought, and he actually choked the guy out until he went unconscious. Then he called police.

Very cool video caught on a Wyze Pan V3. Thanks for sharing!