Wyze Garage Door Cam saves the day from Scammers

SCAM ALERT! I responded to a post from a “local” guy on one of these Local Facebook Private Groups.

His name on Facebook was Travis Cook, and he posted about Duct Cleaning, and needing to find work. In an effort to try and support local companies I had him come out this morning. Travis Cook did not show up, in stead it was 2 asian men who worked on “Travis’ team”. While they were here, I happened to have my Wyze Cameras up on then my.wyze.com webview, and I notice one of them take an item a small suitcase out of my garage and hide it in his truck. I immediately called the cops.

Found that Travis Cook’s profile is no longer on facebook, and was told that the company they work for is [Ayan Duct Cleaning LLC]out of NJ, and that Travis Cook subcontracted them to do the work.

BEWARE! I wont be contracting folks off of facebook going forward I think.

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I assume the cops arrived in time and you got your stuff back?