Support log - do you ever get a communication of help in your issue

I keep putting in a log via the app. Not hearing back, 10 days anything find this to work. I called customer support at 206 339 9646 and they cannot help and have no idea of time frame. “We got your back” Of course.

PS don’t lose the support number it is hard to find. That in itself is a victory when you find it.

No. Support logs by themselves do dot result in any reply.

The support logs don’t go to the support techs you speak to via phone or text. They are used by the engineers and only get linked to your ticket if you contact support and make sure the note the logs. You still won’t hear from anyone which is why I never call support.

The other guys summarized this really well!

I just barely posted this quote directly from one of the engineers in another thread, so might as well share it here too…basically the engineers say they never look at the submitted logs unless you send it to them through a support ticket or community manager:

And the engineers almost never respond. If they do, they will tell support what to tell you or have the community manager ask you for more details. but 99% of the time, they don’t respond in any way. They will just use them for future updates.

A log is definitely not the same thing as a support ticket. If you need someone to see your log, you need to contact support and have them send it to the engineers, but even then they are unlikely to reply.