Streaming solution

I would like to hear what solution people use to stream and record wyze cams. Thanks

Would you please be a bit more specific…what are you trying to accomplish? There are many different answers to the broad question you posted.


I stream to the Wyze app, and continuously record to the optional internal SD card (a capability available on all “wire-powered” cameras).

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I use the Wyze App, TinyCam Pro, and Alexa on FireStick TV to live stream my cams.

All my cams record continuous to resident 256GB HE microSD cards. Any captures I need are recorded from the live stream or microSD Playback. If I need raw MP4 files, I can read the microSD on my OTR Card Reader. I also download event videos from the cloud Events tab. TinyCam Pro has a DVR feature, but I don’t use it.

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I would guess that the solutions can be ranked in the following order:

  1. Stream with Wyze App and record to MicroSD card &/or Cam Plus
  2. Streaming through Alexa or Google Home integrations, but still stored on an SDcard or Wyze’s cam plus cloud
  3. Stream with TinyCam/Pro and use it to record to a local device or harddrive (whether from the app itself or to convert the stream to RTSP and save it elsewhere).
  4. Get Docker Wyze Bridge, and use it to get a different video stream format which can then run through any other video application on a server or computer.
  5. Wyze RTSP firmware - then capture the video stream to a local computer
  6. Wyze Hacks loaded on an SD card which allows converting the video stream to RTSP and using a local computer to capture and save the video stream.
  7. Install Dafang firmware onto Wyze Cam V2’s so everything can be 100% local on the V2 model cams, capture the stream and store it locally. No Cloud dependency involved.

I’d say the above options capture 99% of people’s streaming and recording.

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Does the Dafang Firmware still use RTSP ? That would work nicely for what I use my cameras for.

Dafang provides RTSP connectivity but it is a standalone firmware and completely eliminates using the Wyze App for anything. The wz_mini_hacks provides RTSP and a few other streaming protocols but does not replace the Wyze firmware so it continues to work with the app.