Recording wyzecam streams locally(Not on MicroSD)

I am curious if there is a way…via software using a PC to stream and record the live stream from my wyzecams to HDD’s on a PC setup as a dedicated "DVR so to speak>

I have 12 wyzecams… Some are in areas that if someone had a mind to, could just remove them, or destroy them …hence having microSD card in them is pointless.
I simply want to be able to have a secure way of recording the streams that i can archive and view via PC>

Ive seen the thread about tinycam but dont know if that the best method.
ANy suggestions?

So in researching it seems there may be an method/ option to flash the firmware on wyzecams to support RTSP>

It seems that method reduces the quality but allows for use of software like Blue Iris to do what i want.

What i would really like to see is wyzecam actually implement RTSP themselves(which i hear is “on the short list” but also…will likely stay just on a list.
What is the reality of this feature actually being implemented anytime int he near future?