What options are there for saving files to a HDD without RTSP?

I know TinyCam (Pro) supports WyzeCam v3 on Android. In fact, and it is very good. However, I’m looking for something similar that could run on Linux (e.g. Ubunutu, Debian, Arch).

Basically I want to be able to record to an HDD 24/7. The microSD recording is lacking for a few reasons 1) it’s costlier per GB 2) microSDs have a finite number of writes (that I’ve burned through before) 3) retrieving footage is a pain

Right now I see 3 options:
a) use HclX’s WyzeHacks to store to a local NFS. Con: is I’d have no local motion detection, and I believe WyzeHacks needs to be reinstalled every firmware update
b) dedicate an old Android phone to run TinyCam 24/7, using their FTP feature. Con: 3 devices (WyzeCam, Android device, NFS) means more potential points of failure
c) install Android and TinyCam on a laptop. Con: well running Android on x86 is an adventure, and unlike a laptop running Linux it would pretty much be a single-purpose server.

Other than there is not an RTSP flash for the V3 - yet, what is your issue with RTSP. Once the cameras are RTSP flashed (at least with the V2 cameras), all the original features are still there as far as I know, and there are a multitude of software platforms that will record the cameras and save the files to hard drive.
I have flashed 15 V2 cameras to RTSP and watch them with Blue Iris. I am anxious for RTSP to become available for the V3 cameras.

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I think his or her post is about the V3 specifically. It’s a very good rundown of the available options. I can think of one or two wrinkles but nothing that constitutes a distinct approach. I wasn’t even aware the SMB hack would work on a V3.

Yes, the fact that RTSP isn’t available for the V3 is one reason. The other is that there aren’t any commitments to providing updates for the RTSP firmware once it is released, that may not bother everyone, but personally I like new features and timely bugfixes.