Can the Wyze Cam v3 record video on Windows network without cloud service?

I’m looking for a security camera that I can connect through wifi and record to a PC on my Windows network without using a cloud service. Will the Wyze Cam v3 work for this?

Not today. Assuming that Wyze releases RTSP firmware for the V3 (stated that it will be coming), then there are lots of PC programs that can view the camera. RTSP firmware is available for the V2 and Pan cameras. I use Blue Iris Security software running on my server with all of my V2 and Pan cameras. I can watch them locally on the server, remotely on the server if I use TeamViewer to access the server, or the Blue Iris software can create a web page that allows watching the cameras. I have the web server firewalled so it can only be watched from my local LAN.

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Just as @K6CCC said, the answer is no, these are not the right cameras for you. Wyze is very dependent on Internet access. Even when the RTSP firmware is released it is unlikely to be as well supported as the regular firmware - that is what happened with the V2 camera, where the RTSP is considered experimental, unsupported, and without regular updates.

There are dozens and dozens of other cameras that will do what you want though.

How many of these other cameras have the quality image of the Wyzecam as well as the price?

Honestly, I don’t know what I should be searching to find something closer to what I need.

Well, all of them really. 1080 resolution and a $20-$30 price point is really common.