Can Wyze cams run as IP cams without a phone app?

I have not kept up with what wyze has been doing, but I know one of the early issues with it is that you needed a phone, or a phone emulator to use a wyze cam as a IP camera

has that changed?

we have a local makerspace and want to set up some cameras a for a streaming setup and we want to use all IP driven cameras, and not have to add an additional layer by porting thru a phone emulator


This is a subject I admittedly don’t keep up with, but there is experimental software available for both webcams and RTSP.

I don’t know if the Webcam firmware was ever released for the V3, and I only posted a link to the V3 RTSP firmware (there is also a V2 version). In any case there are several discussions on the board about both:

While yes, the RTSP firmware is available as a separate installation for the V2 and V3 cameras, they still will want Internet access. To have a true IP camera you’d need Dafang Hacks firmware on the V1 or V2. I assume the webcam firmware would not suit your purposes as it requires a USB connection.

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I installed the firmware, I see an option to enable RTSP, it says to ‘Open the uri below on your RTSP compatible video player while using the local network’ - but no URI is displayed…?

Underneath the phrase “0pen the url ….” Should be the words “generate” and “copy”. Click on generate to generate the url.

I see the ‘Generate’ button…but the URL is not presented.

There is no ‘copy’ button.

Hmmm, sounds like it broke with an app update. I’m still using an older version of the app. ( iOS v2,28,2)

How can I copy over the videos without removing the SD card?

The ‘Album’ is always empty for all my devices - why is that?

Did the app allow you to set a name and password for the cameras with the rtsp firmware?