Use Wyze camera for livestream?

Does anyone know how to host a livestream from Wyze? I record animals and would like to add the livestream as a repository for the K-12 students I do outreach for.

One way to accomplish this is via TinyCam Pro on Android, which has native Wyzecam (“cloud” login) support.

Other methods will probably require installing RTSP firmware.


If you want to do large format, like a TV, enable the Wyze skill in Alexa and you can stream to an Alexa enabled video device like the FireTV or Stick. But as Customer will confirm the audio is better on TinyCam… Which will also run on FireTV and Stick.

A third option is to stream it on your phone and then mirror or cast it to a compatible device. Chromecast and Fire devices do this as well as iOS devices.

Hope this helps. Be safe and well!

I think @billie was talking about livestreaming an upload to YouTube or Facebook…


Yep. Trying to embed it into a website… I have the RTSP firmware installed, but now I’m stuck again unfortunately

A lot of people use OBS for that sort of thing. There are tutorials online.

I can tell you I just double checked and TinyCam has an entire settings page for “Live streaming” with YouTube preconfigured.

Somebody over here is using ffmpeg…