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Hello All,

I work at a public library and we are looking into purchasing a webcam for the purpose of creating a livestream of our pet gerbils for the community to be able to watch. We really like the Wyze webcams and are interested in them based on their good reviews and ability to be viewed by unlimited users.
However, we noticed that the livestream from these devices is viewable specifically through the brands smartphone app. This is not great for our purposes because not everyone in the community necessarily has a compatible smartphone and we don’t want users to have to incur data charges. We would prefer to host our livestream on Youtube or a similar video sharing platform. Is there a way the video capture through a Wyze camera can be livestreamed on Youtube?
Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the community @fsplgerbils! I a not sure about how you would stream it to YouTube but I do know that Wyze cams are viewable from tablets also. Any iPad or tablet would work fine (except fire tablets)with no cellular charges, the viewers will just need to have a compatible network to connect their smartphone or tablet too.

Keep in mind that each viewer will need a compatible device, need to download the Wyze app, create a Wyze account. And you will need to share the devices individually with all the users who want to view the camera (you would need to do this on the device that is the owner of the camera).

For streaming to YouTube, the only thing I can think of would be to use is to hook it up as a webcam for a computer, then start a live stream on YouTube with the computer, and position the camera so it is facing the animals. I will leave a link on how to use the Wyze cam as a webcam below.

Anyway, I think that this is a cool idea and I hope you figure something out!

Thank you so much for your response Illumination!
Unfortunately. I think it’s too big of a headache to expect every user to have an appropriate device, download the app, create an account, be added by us…our goal is to make the user experience as simple and friendly as possible.

I’m hoping some other members on here might have some additional ideas–this seems like a great, supportive community!

Thanks again!


I agree, it would probably be a bit of a hassle. I hope you figure something out!

Welcome @fsplgerbils!
You could flash thi firmware on your V1,V2 or Pan cam to the RTSP version and stream it using a service like IPcamlive.

RTSP instructions:

Note: RTSP(real time streaming protocol) it still in beta, so there may be some minor bugs, but it does work well most of the time and sounds like a possible solution for your application.

Another option is to stream it to YouTube. I don’t have experience with this, but here’s a video:

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Thanks for your reply Brlepage! I’m going to look into ipcamlive…I see their basic package which covers livestreaming is free, so that looks like it might be a promising option. Also, lots of interesting tutorials on

Thanks again!