I want to broadcast a LIVE FEED on my website but I want WYZE TO HELP!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to broadcast a live feed on the home page of my website without paying thousands of dollars for special cameras. I really think if WYZE would provide a live streaming service, you’d leap far out in front of any of your competition and leave them in the dust.

I just want to put up a camera. Grab that embed code and post it into my html code.


If you have a V2 you can use the RTSP firmware to do this. You might be able to use 3rd party software for the V3.

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You could also use TinyCam as leverage to provide a stream from any version Wyze camera (dedicating an old phone or tablet to the task).

So, i’m not seeing this as an option yet. I’d love to see a code to copy and paste the video feeds.

I doubt that Wyze is going to act on this any time soon. If you need this function you’ll have to get creative. TinyCam, RTSP or the wz_mini_hacks (GitHub - gtxaspec/wz_mini_hacks: wz camera mods... make your camera better.) should provide access to the streams. You’ll need to figure out how to embed the links in your web page.

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Well I suppose you could also try pulling something via the Wyze web viewer (iFrame perhaps?) If you have CamPlus on all cameras.