IP live streaming to a website?

Do any Wyze cameras support IP live streaming to a website?

Webview is available with a cam plus subscription, it lets you view the cams from a browser.


I would like to have a camera support IP streaming to a website that can be accessed by the public without signing in or having a special program other than a browser.
NOTE: Webview currently does NOT support my Outdoor cameras.

You could check out some open source projects such as Wyze Docker Bridge or Wyze Hacks. I believe they allow RTSP and other related features which you could take advantage of.

WYZE currently doesn’t support RTSP or anything else

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If you have a V3 (easy) or a V2 (not quite as easy) this would work:

wz_mini_hacks: wz camera mods

Looks like Wyze is testing a new feature that would allow this:

But for now, the above-noted suggestions are good options until then.


:eyes: That’s exciting!


That would be awesome! :crossed_fingers: :smiley:

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If I recall correctly, doesn’t TinyCam Pro have a Live Stream component that will allow you to live stream your cam to a Website like YouTube?

I know it can be set up as a web server for remote guest access.

I have never used it so I’m really not sure what is involved.

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Correct. To add the 4th common option, some people use custom RTSP firmware too (either from Wyze [ie: Wyze V2/V3 RTSP firmware] or Dafang). Now we have listed all 4 methods that cover 99% of the way most people do this with Wyze cams at the moment.

Any method of getting RTSP will allow livestreaming to youtube.
I think Wyze is probably working on doing it with WebRTC instead since that is what they have been focussing on lately. For example, a couple of years ago Wyze switched to have Google and Alexa Displays use WebRTC for all their live streaming to those devices now. I suspect they will keep it consistent that way. The benefit of Docker Wyze Bridge is that it allows you to choose a number of different protocols including WebRTC/RTSP/RTMP/HLS all without affecting the original firmware. It also seems to be slightly more stable than Tiny Cam, and I believe it supports more Wyze camera models than Tiny Cam does. But all 4 of the listed options work to do it right now. It will just be nice if this option is actually native in the cameras directly from Wyze in the future.

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Here is a service that looks interesting. You would have to get a Wyze camera to do RTSP or find another camera that will.