Simple IP camera or API interface


I was wondering if I could use the wyze cam with a local IP address or do I have to go through the app? Also, is there an API that I can call to stream video.



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Right now, as far as I’ve seen, you need to go through the app. They’ve talked about enabling RTSP, but that’s just talk at this point.

I suspect one could reverse engineer the protocol used by the app to talk to the device, but I haven’t seen anyone taking a swing at that. The device appears to listen on port 80, but doesn’t reply to standard HTTP. At least mine don’t.


As Sean said, right now it’s only the app. But seems like that’s in the works

According to Engadget, a firmware update in March will add IFTTT support and compatibility with Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot devices for looking in on your camera feeds

Per the FAQ:
Does Wyze Cam support IP camera streaming services like RTSP?
Wyze Cam does not support IP camera streaming services like RTSP.

We understand this is a popular request from our customers. Our engineering team is evaluating this feature for future development.

You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website or follow the Wyze Cam’s Facebook page to get updates as new features become available

You can use TinyCam Monitor Pro on Android devices to view your cameras. Wyze is directly supported. I haven’t looked for anything for iOS but there may be something. I have the app installed on all our Amazon TV devices and it works great. Having the app on the big screen is fabulous. I have cameras outdoors and it is super slick to see who just rang the doorbell in the middle of a Netflix movie.

There is the option in TinyCam to put the app in the background and present the video through a browser but it didn’t work when I tried it so I left it for the time being. There are additional options for notification like email.

Someone posted a how-to on these forums but it is easy enough to get it set up without.

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I will just put a link to a parallel thread with similar discussion, to prevent a split of efforts -

Because now with ITFFF and Alexa/Google Assistant API should be in place… and the next step will be publishing it for a community =)

Thank you for the info about TinyCam Monitor Pro . I just got it and downloaded on the Amazon fire stick and I love it!!!

Wyze should buy this app!!!