Can I view cam pan stream using ip address or ddns?


Is there a way to view the cam pan stream (no need for panning) on a browser or without the app ? I have 2 other brand ip cam. I viewed with tinyCamPro on android. Unfortunately it is not available on IOS. Or maybe someone can suggest IOS app that can view cam pan along with other brand ?


No, sorry. A PC or web interface is a highly requested item, but the only 3rd party app I’m aware of that can view Wyze cams is Tiny Cam on Android.
One other option is to use an Android Emulator like BlueStacks on a PC and then you can run TinyCam on a PC

How about rtsp ?

Wyze does have an RTSP firmware replacement. Just search Wyze support.
You can also run tinyCam Pro server from an Android TV box and view the server cameras from any browser. That’s what I do.

ok, will give those a try. Thanks.