PC viewing 2

Is there a computer app or 3rd party program that can access the cameras beside the phone app?

I know the IP address of the cameras but what port(s) are used? 80? 8080?

Look up “BlueStacks”, which is an Android emulator that you can run either the Wyze app itself and/or the tinyCam, which can also show Wyze cams. Several posts in the forums on the topic.

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Short answer: sort of.

Very slightly longer answer:

None. There is no web server or RTSP port on any of the cameras. There are several hacks and workarounds, including TinyCam, Wyze_Hacks, and wz_mini_hacks. Also some “disappeared” beta RTSP firmware.

Here’s the port list but it won’t help you…

If you have one of silicone chip Macs M1 or M2, Wyze app runs natively and can be downloaded directly from the AppStore. Here is a screen shot.

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