Are cameras viewable via web browser?

It does not seem that a wyzecam video feed is viewable in a web browser at all.
Is that correct? Wyzecam is phone-centric and can only be used on a phone?
That was my analysis.

Natively, it can only be used on a mobile device (phone or tablet), unless you emulate Android and use Tinycam Pro, or run RTSP firmware on the camera with VLC. Using those, you can view your cams on a PC.

Browser access is one of the most popular wishlist items if you want to vote for it:

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Here’s some quick videos on using RTSP with VLC:

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Why not just port your app for Mac and Windows?

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I would like it to be IP accessible, so that my Octoprint via Raspberry Pi OS can use them to show the printer’s build plate from remote location in the house. If that was possible, I’d be buying more. I still love the Android App, this would give it more functionality.