Can you veiw the camera from a computer? or only phone app?

good morning.
is there a way to view the camera ( v3) from a computer while i am working at the computer , or is it only through the app i have on my phone?
thank you

Hi @greenbergeli,

Yes, viewing cams by phone and your computer’s browser are available. Check this thread out here for details! :point_down:

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@StopICU33 is correct and provided a great link. Only thing to add, which is stated in the link is that the Live View for Browsers is only available to Cam Plus customers at this time.

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These guys were nice and gave you the freshest answer but if you’re a masochist craving more background the sordid developing story is at

So far in testing I can see cams in full screen on my Win10 PC and cast it to Lrm. TV by way of Chromecast.
On my Pixel 1 phone I was able to zoom with 2 fingers and scroll sideways.
V2 cams.

You can flash the rtsp firmware and then view it through eg VLC on the computer. That might increase computer usage more. I didn’t do any tests.

Its also quite a bit of a pain over just paying forever and having a more simple setup. If you have cam plus anyway then there’s not really any reason to use rtsp. But for me, I find no reason to use cam plus, so rtsp is more my thing.