Waiting to get my V2 CAM.

Do you have, or are you planning a dev program with an API?




I second this request. API and / or custom cloud endpoint would be extremely useful.



an api would be great.

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APIs to allow RTSP and control some basic settings of the camera (motion detection on/off, sensitivity, scheduled time, etc) would be great

Hi all, apologies for the slow response on this, just saw this thread. I have passed this request on to our product team, I know they have it on their list of feature requests, but it’s not something we will have in the near term. Please keep the requests/ideas coming, we use them to help prioritize feature requests.


Since now Wyze is integrated with Alexa/Google Assist… and some applications such as IFTTT are supported - looks like some kind of API is already in place.

For example “tinyCam PRO” has Wyze being supported - https://tinycammonitor.com/support.html:
Wyze Cam (p2p/h264, 1-w audio)
Wyze Cam Pan (p2p/h264, 1-w audio, pt)

Will be cool if documentation for this API will be publicly available.

The community will be able to help with some kind of ways to standardize it down the road and make some nice npm or gem modules…

And I think a lot of people will appreciate this kind of steps.


is there any updates on the possibility of an open API?

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