Partner with Tiny Cam Monitor Pro

I’d like to see an official partnership with Tiny Cam Monitor Pro and it’s developer. It’s a great app, and I’m assuming the developer could assist with the WyzeCam app.

Interesting idea. I’m not sure how much they’d be interested given that their revenue stream comes from independently supporting a wide range of cameras.


tinyCam dev here. We are working on adding Wyze Cams to our tinyCam Cloud (subscription based service) for allowing 24/7 video recording for the cameras. This is almost done (in beta testing). We are ready to discuss partnership in this area or any other. Just let us know.


Will iOS ever be a possibility?


Hopefully they will be wise (or should I say “Wyze”) and reach out to you shortly.

We’ll see.

Thank you for responding.

Tinycam already supports Wyze. What would a partnership add? Perhaps support for their Baby Monitor app on iOS?

They could potentially help develop the WyzeCam app.

Also, Tiny Cam Monitor Pro is offering 24/7 cloud storage for $5.99/month per camera. If that’s profitable for them, they can probably offer an even lower cost with a partnership with WyzeCam. Maybe Tiny Cam is using a cheaper method to cloud storage than WyzeCam and can help them to offer more options at a lower cost, all within the WyzeCam app (so customers will be paying WyzeCam, but be using Tiny Cam’s solution).

Also, Tiny Cam Monitor Pro has other additional features that could be added to the WyzeCam application.


The TinyCam app is truly best in class. It is generations ahead of the Wyze app in some areas. Wyze would benefit porting code/libraries from TinyCam:

  • Configurable layouts of the Wyze app like TinyCam does today.
  • FireStick install of Wyze app.
  • Casting to Chromecast; Particularly casting a stream of the cameras displaying real-time in sequence. 10 seconds, next cam. 10 seconds. next cam… on a TV.
  • Android Wear (watch) widget
  • Local webserver on device to display feeds
  • Multiple optional cloud services
  • Webhooks
  • Face Detection
  • RSTP

Benefits to TinyCam:

  • Wyze Sense events added to TinyCam (Door sensor triggering non-Wyze camera).
  • Improved Wyze cam configuration discovery by TinyCam (framerate etc).
  • Improved Wyze authentication & stability in TinyCam.
  • Recognition of Wyze cam names & groups in TinyCam.
  • TinyCam Alexa / Google Home support.
  • WyzeCam motion events passed to TinyCam

Both → adding Apple TV / Home Assistant

Imagine a partnership where starting immediately: TinyCam provided the full video (not clips) cloud storage solution for all Wyze customers. Something seemless that feels automatic for new Wyze customers from the Wyze App ( no need to install/configure TinyCam )… Wyze customers have been asking for this for some time and even choosing other cameras that offer video storage at a monthly $$ .

This would enable Wyze to leap forward by several years vs. if they didn’t partner.
TinyCam would benefit by expanding it’s cloud service exponentially - possible economy of scale reducing the cost of it’s service.

I don’t think TinyCam is in the hardware retail business and I’m not sure Wyze wants to be in the business to integrate 3rd party legacy cameras into it’s software. So each company’s core business remains unique.


Hear hear! Are the company cultures compatible? They already interact with candor and respect - always a good start.

BTW, I made a point elsewhere on the boards that:

It’s possible to give something away without monetizing the recipient. But it’s rare and often typical of a company founded on principle.

In my estimation, tinyCam should be included in that class. I used the free version (reasonable ad exposure) in a happily limited way until recently when I thought, “Jeez, this is a wonderfully effective and intuitive app, how can I not pay for it.” So I sprung for the ridiculously low-priced Pro version and am stunned at how much the customer is “given.”

Is it largely (entirely?) the work of a single individual? If so, it is especially remarkable, given the scope of features and devices it supports.

Superlative. :+1:

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I actually have to disagree. From a business standpoint Wyze cam is got something great going on right now. With their 5 star guest service and their one of a kind response team (responding and reacting the people and what they want) the current team would only be making a liability for themselves. After all it would be a loss in profit, they already sell a camera with an amazing operation system and a price like no other. They say you get what you pay for and wyze is taking that saying, and making it a misconception. Teaming up with Tinycam would only weaken the current foundation they have built for their company.

At the very least, partnering with TinyCam, the dev can teach (or do it himself) how to design the Wyze app to work in landscape mode.

As someone who loves the tinycam app and cloud service I 100% agree with this, maybe combine camplus subscription with tinycam cloud subscription and make it one… either way wyze should contact tinycam and get something done

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Well… They reportedly hired the sole developer, Alexey Vasilyev… But apparently more as a general dev than to merge TinyCam?

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