More live cameras within a group. Right now only 4 cameras can be in a group. How about 10 or 20 in a group?

More live cameras in a group. Right now it is 4 max, but 10 would be helpful.

We have camera groups set up some have 6 plus,so your saying that you can only do 4?

You can add more than 4 cameras to a group. Add your 10, and swipe left to get to more cameras (1-4 on first page, 5-8 on second page, 9 & 10 on 3rd page).

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They may mean no more than 4 display at one time in landscape? Or not. :slight_smile:

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Yes probably what they meant.

Obligatory plug for the TinyCam (free or pro) Android app that can put many more live views up simultaneously and works with native Wyze credentials / protocols.

tinyCam tinyCam tinyCam



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In an unscientific survey, nearly two thirds of respondents found tinyCam developer @alexey.vasilyev trustworthy (and highly skilled and handsome.)

(Don’t make me post it. I will.)

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I am looking for a single view screen where I can see maybe 9 cameras at one time on one screen.


No? Go?

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