Wyze Cloud vs. Tinycam Cloud

What is the difference between using the Wyze Cloud service and the Tinycam Cloud service?

tinyCam dev here.

Wyze CMC costs 1.49$ per month per camera.
Records on motion only.
Possible to view recordings on iOS/Android.

tinyCam Cloud costs 3.99$ per month per camera.
Records 24/7 and stores last 7 days video. Makes motion detection as well.
Possible to view recordings on Android/web. iOS as well via Safari (web).
Will be added Wyze camera live view via web within a month and object detection (soon).

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Ooh. Customizable? Can I teach it to recognize when the mail truck drives by? Haha. Sounds cool. Will people receive notifications on their phones?

Side note: Do you have any plans to support iOS in the future? Right now I use it on an Amazon tablet to livestream, but my mobile device is iOS. In general, I haven’t felt like I needed it on my mobile device anyway, but if you’re adding cool AI features, I might be jealous of the Android folks a little more. :slight_smile:

First version will not be customizable.
You can always Safari browser. No native iOS support planned in near future.

Thank you for that informative reply. Live view sounds wonderful. I am looking forward to that. :+1: