Wyze App vs. TinyCam

I am in the beta program with three V2s on Android. The Wyze App wins on functionality, hands down. But I seem to get much better imagery on Tiny Cam (vivid color, brightness, contrast). Anyone else?

I too am beta with several cams. Just installed tinyCam and set it up for a couple of the cameras. (BTW… thanks for the info about tinyCam.)

As for picture quality, I can’t tell the difference between the two apps on my galaxy s8+, including normal and night mode.

tinyCam has a couple of functions sorely missing in the WyzeApp:

  1. the ability to turn off the NightMode LED. I think though that tinyCam is not turning off the led but really taking it out of night mode.

  2. ability to modify the multiple camera display format.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m usingthe free version, but tinyCam will only show my cameras when I’m connected to my home network (same network cameras are on.)


Does tinyCam have an IOS version? How do you set the cameras up?

I found this which helped:



Thanx…Didn’t work for me,only on house wifi…