Does the Wyse iOS app run on Apple TV?

I’m looking for a way to have a “channel” on my TV that gives me a view of the cameras on the exterior of my house in real time.

Since I have an Apple TV device that might do it if the iOS app runs on it.

Alternatively, I think you guys mentioned that there was some way to get RTSP streams out of a Wyse Cam after jumping through hoops. Maybe I could set up one of my Pi’s that hang off one of the HDMI ports on my TV to receive them.

I think you will have better luck with the RTSP software. I use an app called IP Cam Soft Pro on Apple TV which picks up the RTSP streams just fine. There are a half dozen or so similar apps on the App Store.

Lots of options with Rasberry Pi as well.

If you hack a Wyse Cam V2 to get RTSP streams do you loose the functionality of Wyse’s own app? Is it an either/or thing?

Wyze makes an alternative firmware to support RTSP. It works fine with the app and has most of the same functionality. But you do loose Person Detection and I think some other things.

From what I have read the RTSP version will be less frequently updated and will probably never have feature parity with the mainstream release firmware so that is a consideration.

Here is the “official” link about RTSP.

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Good info. Thanks.

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could you describe hopw you got the wyze rtsp streaming with ip cam soft pro. I have the app installed, trying to add a camera and i cant seem to get it to connect. I am using the url from the wyze app (which works fine in vlc) I dont have a username and password for the cam though, confused.

The RTSP configuration asks you for a user name and password in order to generate the url. If you look at the RTSP settings for the camera you should see them there.

So I did that and was able to get the username and a password. But I have tried a couple of apps and am unable to connect to the camera. I know the stream works because i can put the url into VLC and the cam pops right up. I just cant figure out the right combo of entries into the apps to get it to work. Unfortunately neither just let you enter in the working url.

UPDATE: So I was able to finally get my cam to connect in the IP cam soft Pro app on my apple tv. I came across another thread which is where I discovered that the port for the camera is 554. that was my problem, and one I suspected but couldnt find port info. anyway, all working fine now.