Apps to display both wyze and other cams

I was looking for an app to display both wyze camera and another brand. They seem to be out there but the ones I have tried have not worked.

Has anyone come across an app to use on Android or Kindle that will work with the wyzecamera.

I’m using the IP address that I find in the wyze app and Port 80 but those settings do not seem to work

TinyCam does what you’re looking for, but for Wyze cameras, it simply uses your Wyze login credentials and not the IP address. TinyCam will also display other brands at the same time using IP, port number, etc


Another vote for tinyCam.

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tinycam has irked the hell out of me so far, it locsates so many channels, none of which are mine.
If you have 40 or so devices, w/o having to play unplug the device, how do you all discerne which device is a camera vs bulb vs switch vs appliance?

I’ve only got about 45 Wyze devices showing up in the database tinyCam shows me. But each is labeled like Camera, Plug, Motion Sensor etc.

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did you go pro? i figured i wanted to see it work b4 i bought into it.
i dont find it intuitive at all either

Yes, I splurged for the pro version.

I also must vouch for pro. I have tinycam running on a firestick thats plugged into direct ethernet and I am able from any web browser able to view the cams perfectly without lag.

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