Livestream over the Web for anyone to view

I want to livestream one of my cameras over the Internet for anyone to view. What are some free or very inexpensive ways to do this?
Thanks! Art

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I would suggest doing a Facebook or YouTube livestream. You would have to to use RTSP and stream it to OBS. This currently only works with the V2 and Pan cameras. RTSP for the V3 is being worked on. You could link this from a website or embed it if it’s a YouTube video(depending on how your website is built).

Wyze - RTSP instructions

RTSP video instructions

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This is for an Outdoor camera that is peering through the top of a bird box.
I guess that when RTSP will be ready, the baby birds will have left.

Outdoor camera isn’t the best for this. Live view will radically shorten battery time. The camera is best for motion detection, short videos rather than live. I don’t think Wyze is planning RTSP for the outdoor camera due to the battery issue.


@WildBill is right, I would suggest a plugged-in camera for any type of constant or frequent streaming. Hopefully RTSP for the V3 will be available soon. You could try a V2 outside, but it will void the warranty and the camera could be damaged by the outside elements.

Another approach, if your PC is close enough for USB, is to use Wyze’s one-off webcam firmware to feed the services @BrLePage mentioned via your PC. That won’t work with the Wyze Cam Outdoor model either though.

Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I had not understood how livestreaming (or simply viewing) cuts into battery life.
What if the camera were fed by a solar cell?
(BTW, I’m the originator of this question. It seems that I have two logins.)

Wyze doesn’t make a solar charger for the camera. I’ve seen others who posted that most other options won’t charge and run at the same time. Since it is an outdoor cam @Customer is correct about using it as a web cam. That only works with the powered cams (V2, Pan and V3, though not sure about V3.)