Turn Off Cloud Storage

I want to setup a cam indoors (I currently have them pointing our out windows), to watch over us while we sleep. However, my wife is paranoid about it because she is worried someone will be able to view the cam footage without us knowing. There are many stories of this. Even though I am in IT and have set it up to avoid hackers, I can understand her concern.

My question is whether or not the wyze cam can be setup to only be local storage, and stream to LAN devices only, not cloud. I don’t want any footage stored anywhere but the SD card

If you turn off Settings/Event Recording and Settings/Alarm Settings completely, and set Settings/Advanced Settings/Local Storage to Record to SD card, there should be no cloud events generated but you will get SD card recordings.
If your router/modem setup allows it, you can also initialize the cam, then block internet access for it. They require internet access to initialize but will continue to recordand stream on WiFi only. If they disconnect or lose power they will require access to reinitialize.
As you know if you are in IT, the caveat is that there are no guarantees!

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Yeah, Nothing is ever for sure.
I work as a remote IT Analyst, but have not dug around enough on all the settings to determine this and wanted to make sure.
I was thinking about setting this up LAN only through a router

If you don’t plan to use any WYZE features look at installing Dafang Hacks RTSP firmware.
If you would still like to use the WYZE app try WYZE RTSP firmware.

What is RTSP?


RTSP is a good suggestion. You lose some of the functionality of the Wyze app, but you can try their Unsupported (note the emphasis)
Firmware and flash back if you don’t like it. I have heard of but know nothing about Dafang Hacks.

So wouldn’t you loose notifications with this setup?

With either RTSP version you can use other software for notifications. tinyCam for example.
With the WYZE RTSP you can still get notifications through the WYZE app.

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