Wyze v3 camera playback on a firestick on tv?

i have a question i have wyze v3 cams on the firestick, i was wondering is there any way to view the recordings on the micro sd card on the camera, all i am able to access are the cloud recordings, i am using the tinycam app on the firestick for live viewing the cameras. is wyze planning on having an app for viewing on a tv, like on a firestick, and viewing the sd card recordings also?

No they are not. I tried sideloading the Wyze app on my Firestick but gave up when it required a mouse or pointer to log in.

For what it’s worth TinyCam itself can record continuous or motion events to its own local storage (such as your Firestick’s).

Wyze v3 camera on tv?

is wyze planning on an app to view camera on tv, like on a firestick? also the camera needs better wifi, range, and audio,

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Still no. :slight_smile:

(As far as I know. I don’t have any inside knowledge.)