Stream "studders" in older devices

I’m migrating from another brand of cameras because their servers are not predictable.

Igual bought one V4 to test out Wyze Ecosystem.

Everything is great, except that I have to some old tablets that are able to install Wyze app, but the camera steam is kind of slow, and every 5 seconds, it needs to “catch up”. I have another one that around every 30 seconds, suffers the same behavior (basically 1 second of stream is not really 1 second, it’s longer).

This doesn’t happen in my phone (Samsung S23+).

Is this normal in older devices (no matter that they are still able to install the Wayze app)?

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Welcome to the Forum, @danielcifuentes!

I would suspect so, though I haven’t experienced that consistently. Occasionally if I’m streaming video from one of my cameras and watching the time stamp I’ll see the seconds advancing irregularly—like maybe it’ll look like it paused for two seconds and then the time stamp will jump forward two seconds, stuff like that—but that doesn’t happen frequently, and I would imagine that behavior is a combination of the device I’m using and my Wi-Fi connection at the time. If you’re using older devices with older Android versions and lower-end (compared to the phone you mentioned) hardware, then I wouldn’t think that’d be too unusual.

For my use, I’m not really concerned about it for a couple of reasons:

  • My Wyze cameras seem to be performing about as well as I’d expect a camera to perform for its price (and actually better than I’d expect in some respects), so I still think they’re a good value.
  • I’m taking advantage of the microSD slots and have my cameras all set for continuous recording, so if I ever do need to retrieve smoothly-playing video I’ll just pull the cards and copy the relevant video files to PC. (I like having my video local.)

There was an announcement last month about the future of the Wyze app:

Although they didn’t say it explicitly in that topic, it would be my expectation that at some point they might raise the minimum required Android version, though I have no idea if or when that could actually happen.