Important Wyze app Information - 4/26/24

Hey everyone,

We have some important changes coming to the Wyze app! Beginning May 16th, 2024, the login function on older versions of the Wyze app will no longer be supported.

Why are we making these changes?

Your security is our top priority. Our new login method introduces enhanced security features and provides a safer, more secure environment for all our users. By making this change, we aim to better protect your data from evolving threats and ensure your experience with the Wyze app remains safe and enjoyable.

What will be affected?

  • Wyze app 2.44 and below
  • Wyze Car app (Android 3.0.14 & iOS
  • Some third-party integrations (excluding Google, Alexa, and IFTTT)

What do you need to do?

  • Update your apps. Please check your app version and update to the latest version by visiting the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Updating your app will ensure continued access to your account and all its features. You can find updating instructions below:

  • For the Wyze app, click here.

  • For the Wyze Car app, clickhere.

  • Refresh your integrations. Once you’ve updated your apps, any linked 3rd party integrations will need refreshed. For users of Home Bridge, Home Assistant, or other integrations (excluding Google, Alexa, and IFTTT), you can generate an API key using the steps here.

Thanks for being a part of Wyze!

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I started panicking when I saw this:

Then got a wave of relief when I saw this:

Alright, no worries for me then. :joy:


@WyzeJasonJ, all the “here” links are broken. They just point to :point_right: “here”. You can see that in the browser’s status bar if you hover your mouse over each of the “here” words.

I think you’re looking for these:


So it says the changes take effect 5/16, but as of this post all of a sudden my Wyze Bridge no longer connects. Sure I can generate an API key ( for anyone else who needs the link since the “here” link isn’t a link) but now I have to go in and change all my configs. In the meantime my stream is down.

Someone accidentally pushed changes to production, it seems.

Good catch! They should be the following:


Car App Apple
Car App Google

Wyze API Key Instructions
Wyze API Key Generator

Thanks. I did something up there. :point_up:

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Should be fixed, thank you.

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Oh nice!

Also, thanks for the update Jason.


You’re welcome. Thanks for the quick fix! So much easier than those pesky firmware updates! :wink:

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You’re going to have some very unhappy users of older phones if the new app won’t work for them.

Just saying…


Also wondering when we need to generate new API keys? Can we do that now or do we need to wait?

Security is always going to make older hardware/software obsolete. It’s the nature of the thing. Security is one of the biggest complaints from everyone. This is what folks asked for… close the easily exploitable doors.


You can do that anytime and change them at any time. I have one I use for Home Assistant already. I also copied and saved the Key ID and API key somewhere so I can just copy and paste the same one into anything else I need a key for. But it’s really easy to generate a new one whenever you need it. I’ve probably generated like 4-5 of them already (I had an integration that had some kind of stability issue and at first I thought it was forcing me to re-enter my credentials every time it went offline so I started regenerating codes every time, but I then figured out that wasn’t actually necessary).

so I am using the basic Alexa and Google Home interfaces.

hopefully they will not change??

That’s how I interpreted it:

Then again, Google appears to reserve the right to break anything at any time (I don’t use Alexa much). :man_shrugging:


:grinning: and so it goes!

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Yup, just as Kurt Vonnegut said.

I agree with @Crease …both about this update not affecting Google and Alexa, and with Google reserving the right to break anything at any time :joy:


Yup, even if it’s their own stuff and not the ability of third parties to integrate with their stuff.

Yeah, Google can be frustrating. They got roasted about this a lot in an AMA with the Google Home Team that just happened. They even avoided answering some of the highest voted questions, but they said they did record and consider the feedback and didn’t totally ignore it. :slight_smile: