SOC2: Wyze Cameras in Consumer at Wyze Cloud

With v3 of your cameras you, Wyze, decided that RTSP was not a viable product. You then take on the responsibility with risk since I can no longer rely on my local network for cameras that I purchased.

Please advise on your SOC2 attestation so I can look at the level of security you have in your environment. Remember, cloud is just another name for remote computers which are either on prem to you or outsourced to another provider. Please provide this information.

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Rather RTSP is not profitable with their business model. :grin:

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I would love to see the SOC2 attestation report. I know a lot of companies purposely keep it confidential for various reasons, competitive advantage, confidentiality, cost, etc. But I would absolutely be interested in reading it if they are willing to share it.

BTW, have you tried any of the alternatives to attain the RTSP stream? I have used Docker Wyze Bridge and a Tiny Cam Pro server, and both seemed to work well enough.

I just heard that Scrypted has just launched a built-in option for Wyze this month that tons of people are extremely excited about.

All of those methods don’t even require different firmware and allow the streams to stay on the local network.

Thank you for the advice on other options. It boggles my mind the rationale that these “security” organizations use.
I want a camera system to help with security at my location, but in order to maintain security I have to punch a hole in my network, making it vulnerable and insecure.
Which is why I say well then you own the risk to me because somehow your solution is secure…well then prove it with attestation.

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