Repurpose older cams to non-Wyze system?

Is there any way to use Cam V2s with some other system?

I just want to have a reliable system that records to a server that I can check remotely.

I just removed all the Wyze Cams from my office and installed a POE system that works rock solid. Wyze has such unbelievably inconsistent service that I want to Un-Wyze the cameras and repurpose them.

Any thoughts?

You can load the RTSP firmware on them, but you are still stuck with a WiFi connected camera vs a wired one.
Once the camera has RTSP firmware, most NVR systems can communicate with them.

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Thanks I’ll look into this.

Anything to actually be able to view footage like a real video viewer would be nice. The Wyze mobile app is awful.

You can run the wyze_mini_hacks on the V2s in self-hosted mode with RTSP, which eliminates the Wyze servers. You can also add ethernet and POE to them with the right adapters. I’m using an Uctronics adapter and a converter to get both ethernet and POE to a V2 and to some V3s.

wz_mini_hacks: wz camera mods


Wow, I wish I had know about this a long time ago.

It really beats the RTSP firmware from Wyze (if you can find it now). Has much better functionality and you can continue to use the Wyze app and servers, if you want (which is what I’m doing as I primarily needed POE.)

As I am sure you already know, nothing is perfect. Don’t even know what new system you are using, and maybe its the answer. But security is a layered mistress. No one thing ever is enough. Its sad to see some old still working V2’s go into a closet or an attic when they could serve as a backup/alternative for some gaps or lesser important property. I mean, they are already paid for and just sitting?

I recall a forum member sharing that he used a couple of V2’s behind his freezer and refrigerator trying to track some four legged varmints in his shed.

If you don’t like these ideas… Create a new thread offering them for sale or the cost of shipping and a bag of fresh coffee. Someone will be pleased to get them.