Removing all RTSP from Wyze V3 cams, instability=frustration

I give up. I have an 8 node AiMesh network, incredible wifi signal (quarter mile). Now that I put the RTSP firmware on 4 wyze cams, added them to BlueIris, along with 16 other POE cams. I have decided to remove all the wyze cams from Blueiris and if I need a wifi cam here, which I do, I will buy other wifi cams. The wyze v3s with RTSP go on and off constantly, even 10 feet from a wifi router…no reason for me to put up with that. Wyze V3s have their purpose and work good for me for that, remote viewing events at a vacation rental 60 miles away…they work like a charm. But Wyze + RTSP, does not work well enough for me.


I know people have reported decent operation with Wyze and blue Iris. However my experience is similar to yours. Never could get them reliable, Flashed all of my V3s back to stock (beta) firmware close to a year ago.
Here’s where it gets strange. I recently added a Lorex NVR and some of their wired IP cameras (which work great BTW). The Lorex NVR can be made to work with the Wyze cameras with RTSP firmware. I flashed one of the V3 camera back to RTSP and it’s absolutely rock solid with the Lorex NVR.


Another option is the wz_mini_hack (GitHub - gtxaspec/wz_mini_hacks: wz camera mods... make your camera better.).

It provides multiple features including RTSP. For the V3 you copy the files to a FAT32 SD card and reboot the camera. It loads some code on first boot but doesn’t modify the firmware. You can test the RTSP and if it works, great. If not, remove the SD card and reboot and the changes are gone. This project provides other features as well for the camera.



Put some wyze non-Rtsp firmware on the cameras before installing the mini hacks firmware. This will ensure the camera is using the mini hacks Rtsp stream.


Thanks for the reminder…others have had problems if the Wyze RTSP firmware is already loaded on the camera, so you do need a non-RTSP production firmware to use the hack.

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That sounds like a good plan but for me I can’t work on those anymore for the purpose they’re not intended. I’m 65 still an employee, supporting my 10 acre farm with 100 riding lessons weekly, multiple rental homes and a heck of a network you wouldn’t believe. 20 horses, a goat that knows not what personal space is, and I won’t even get into the chickens.

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The Wyze v3 rtsp is beta to state the obvious. If there’s hacks today for it I’ve not looked.

However, I had it incredibly stable until just the past month or so and currently looking into that. It doesn’t appear to be router related since nothing is showing in the logs for it and the Wyze cam and display are staying connected. Seems to be the old v3 firmware going nuts for some reason now.

It will constantly lose connection if its blocked from the internet in some way. From what I could see, no one fully figured that out, but I’m done with that so don’t care.

But, it seems like there’s another reason why it loses connection as well. Something I only ran into after months of high stability. Possibly, its what you’re running into as well here.

To put in an edit: Its more stable now (was going down every 10 min or hour before and now its reaching days at least.

Have three theories based on things but won’t state anything further unless I can narrow it down and that might be super difficult. I feel one of those three based on what I’ve seen should probably now be hacked off the list. Leaving two left and those two will be really difficult to narrow down.

I too have frustrating experience with Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Pan.
I tried to access the RTSP stream with various methods by setting every type of parameter possible with ffplay and vlc, I also connected to a professional NVR but the result is the same, even the camera placed 1 meter from the AP does not provide a regular stream continuous.
RTSP not good on wyze, we need to change all cameras for our wifi video surveillance system.
Wyze only offers it as a beta option.

hey, thank you for this. Just wanted to confirm. I have a lorex nvr that has cameras already wired into it. One of the cameras has broken, not sure if its the camera itself or the wire lead that goes to the nvr. however, thought it would be way easier (and cheaper) to just add a wyze camera. so with this RTSP firmware, am I able to just connect it to the NVR along with my pre-existing cameras. No problem, if you are not sure, thought i’d take a shot in the dark. If you need any other information or this something doesn’t make sense, just feel free to reply right back to me. thanks!

Yes, I have two Wyze V3 cameras that are connecting to my Lorex NVR. Took some trial and error to get the config in the Lorex NVR to work with the Wyze V3, but did make it work.