Can I run wyze cams off of another app besides wyze?

Just wondering if I can use my wyze cams with another app besides wyze? I mean totally bypass wyze completely? Thanks all.

The only way I know of it’s the newly released webcam firmware, info Here, which lets you convert a Wyze Cam into a dedicated webcam. This is released in restore to the Covid-19 situation and they say it will not be an ongoing product.

**Edited- you can also use. RTSP and view thru either apps like VLC or the Wyze app. However, you still have to initialize, which as said requires Wyze at that point.
You didn’t say what OS or device you are on but as far as I know Tinycam is only Android.

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RTSP firmware or Tinycam on Google Play

+1 for tinyCam. I have the pro version, I use it daily, it has some good features.

I use tinyCam Pro but you still have to connect your cameras to Wyze servers which means they have to be set up initially with the Wyze app.

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You might also google (or whatever other search engine) “iSmart Xiaomi” (those are two different brands) for other options. Same hardware, but Wyze applies different firmware and “app”, so might be other firmware and GUI interface to the hardware.

Thanks for the information folks!