Do I have to use the WyzeCam app?


Can I broadcast out through my own router and use a different video viewing app?

Can I also assign different IP addresses to the camera’s.



Currently, you need to use the app to view your cams.

There are plans for IFTTT & Echo support

And there’s an unofficial work around with TinyCam app

You can change/set the IP of the cameras in your router. Look for a DHCP reservation section/setting in your router.

You can use TinyCam Monitor for Android. It does add a lot of additional features.

For sure seeing there’s unofficial TinyCam support just go me to preorder 3 of the v2 cams. For this price who cares if the software features are a bit light in terms of local recording. Quality seems astonishingly good for the price.

I intend to try TinyCam on an Android VM recording to my NAS and see how stable it is.

If you ever add real NAS support either direct from the cam or from a properly supported app (hopefully Mac, Windows or Linux) I’ll just randomly mail you $100.